MHBC Three Ring Century

Pre-register Mid Hudson Bike Club website for the Imperial (100 mile), Metric (100 kilometer), or the ½ Metric (50 kilometer). These distances are approximate = the first two rings are longer, the third is a little shy. The paved rail trail boarders the park – feel free to add distance to make it all neat, if that’s your jam. 

Please be in proper physical condition for the distance and elevation you intend to complete. While this is fully self-supported, the designers have planned each leg to pass Tony Williams Park (TWP). 
Parking and restrooms are available at TWP. Plan on a bio break and re-upping your nutrition/hydration at the start/finish of each leg. A cooler stuffed with ice, snacks, hydration; fresh kit; chamois cream; sunblock; dry socks/clothes; towels are magical things. The century rides are self-paced and have a bunch start – cyclists of similar physical conditioning and speed preference will naturally sync up along route. 
Any participant may discontinue their ride after any leg but MUST sign out before leaving the event. For example, Ryder B signs in for the Imperial, rides hard for the first leg, refuels before starting leg 2, but took a long rest and legs feel heavy. By the end of leg 2, Ryder thinks it best to discontinue. Ryder signs out after completing two legs. This is the only means by which the organizers know that Ryder is not out on the field. 

Please carry identification with emergency contact details on your person.



Imperial Century – 100 miles – leg 1, leg 2, leg 3 
Metric Century – 100 kilometers – leg 2, leg 3 
Metric Half Century – 50 kilometers – leg 3 

The routes are on roads in Ulster and Dutchess Counties. Restrooms are available at Tony Williams Park – The start and finish of each route. Restrooms may be open at the Walkway Over the Hudson (Leg 1). 

Overflow parking is available at Highland Highschool. Please give priority parking to the 100 mile and 100 kilometer participants, as they will need to refill their hydration/food. 

Before the event: 
Please be sure to load the routes on your head unit or phone. Print your own cues sheets/maps – these will not be provided. Save the routes for off-line viewing. 
Check your gear. 
Inflate your tires – check them again in the morning of the event. 
Make sure that your bicycle is working well. 
Charge all of your batteries. 
Eat well. This is not the time to try new things. 
Bring more food and hydration than you think you will need. 

You can do this. See you out there. 

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